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Tooth sensitivity can be a painful experience, especially while eating or drinking. This occurs when the enamel of your tooth wears off, and the food comes directly in contact with the dentin. If you are experiencing tooth sensitivity issues, book an appointment and come to Kildonan Park Dental for tooth desensitization in Winnipeg. We use various desensitizing agents such as fluoride, potassium salts, etc. to reduce teeth sensation.

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Causes of Teeth Sensitivity

Some of the primary causes of sensitive teeth are:


  • Tooth decay 

  • Hard brushing can damage your gums  

  • Teeth whitening products can cause temporary or permanent sensitivity 

  • Plaque 

  • Breaking of enamel

  • Acid erosion from acidic food, sweets, and drinks

How to Control Teeth Sensitivity?

While you visit a dentist for tooth desensitization, you can also follow the instructions below to reduce sensitivity.


  • Use toothpaste made for sensitive teeth 

  • Clean and floss your teeth twice every day 

  • If you have a habit of teeth grinding, wear a guard 

  • Get your teeth cleaned by a dentist every six months 

Call our clinic today and schedule a tooth desensitization appointment.

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Visit us today for teeth desensitization services.

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