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Veneers are custom-made tooth-coloured shells that are designed to improve the smile and appearance of your teeth. It covers up the front of a tooth with a thin layer of material that preserves the original tooth while making it more aesthetically pleasing. Veneers are quite common and are probably one of the best options to cosmetically fix broken, stained or crooked teeth. Come to Kildonan Park Dental for ceramic, porcelain, and composite veneers in Winnipeg. Book an appointment today to find out which option would work best for you.


Image by Caroline LM

Transform Your Smile

Get the smile you want with customized porcelain, ceramic, and composite veneers. Our dentists use a bonding technique to secure veneers to your teeth. The bonding technique ensures a longer lifespan and simultaneously resists staining. Moreover, veneers generally require minimal tooth preparation, and in some cases, they even look better than natural enamel.


Get in touch with our clinic for custom veneers to match your personality!


Improve your tooth’s shape and size with our veneers.

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