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The use of X-rays is a standard diagnostic procedure that is practiced worldwide. While the cost of labour and equipment is quite high to perform digital radiography, there is no doubt about the number of benefits it offers as opposed to traditional film radiography. It provides an in-depth and clearer X-ray image and has less cranial exposure to radiation. This results in a more effective diagnosis. Additionally, digital images can be stored and transferred easily to other dentists in case of referrals. Book your appointment now for digital radiography in Winnipeg.



Benefits of Digital Radiography

Radiography is a powerful tool available to any dental practitioner. Some benefits of digital radiography are:


  • The film is processed immediately 

  • A digital image can be enhanced for better assessment 

  • Can be stored and transferred easily 

  • 70% less radiation exposure than conventional X-rays 

  • Environment-friendly 

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