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Whether you have chipped, crooked or discoloured teeth, Lumineers® is the perfect solution for you. Staining and discolouration are common problems. While teeth whitening can be an option, they do not effectively remove all the stains and is not long-lasting. Lumineers®, on the other hand, are more effective and can transform your smile with a permanently bright and natural look. Contact Kildonan Park Dental for Lumineers® in Winnipeg.

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How Do They Work?

Lumineers® are similar to traditional veneers when it comes to fixing tooth chips, stains and gaps. First, an impression of the patient’s mouth is taken with the help of a mould, which is then used to customize the Lumineers®. Secondly, they are sent to the lab for construction. Once it arrives from the lab, it is bonded to the tooth. It is a simple process and does not always require the removal of enamel from the tooth.


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Improve the appearance of your smile with Lumineers® at Kildonan Park Dental

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