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Wisdom teeth can cause serious complications if not extracted on time. While some remain beneath the gum and cause future problems, some arise partially or remain impacted underneath the gum. It causes pain and can also result in an infection in your mouth. Although we aim to preserve all your natural teeth, sometimes the damage can be irreversible, and therefore tooth removal becomes necessary. Get in touch with Kildonan Park Dental for wisdom teeth extractions in Winnipeg.



Types of Extraction

When it comes to tooth removal, there are two types of tooth extraction processes:

Simple extraction: If an affected tooth is visible, dentists numb the extraction site and carry out a simple extraction process to dislodge the tooth.

Surgical extraction: When the tooth is difficult to see and is not easily accessible, dentists perform a surgical extraction process. Wisdom tooth removal requires surgical extraction, and sometimes dentists have to break the tooth for easy removal.


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