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General Dentistry


Dentures are a reliable and removable solution for missing teeth. Kildonan Park Dental can ease your eating, speaking and smiling woes with customized dentures in Winnipeg. We make sure that dentures fit perfectly and are comfortable. Furthermore, if you are missing some of your teeth, we can make partial dentures, and if all your teeth are missing, we can make complete dentures as well. A denture replaces your missing teeth in a non-invasive way and it can be fitted immediately.

Image by Peter Kasprzyk

How Are Dentures Made?

Our dentists examine your gums and teeth to determine if dentures are the perfect solution for you. Several impressions are taken of your teeth and gums to determine how your jaw functions and moves. These impressions are then sent to the lab for construction. If required, adjustments can also be made to your existing dentures.


If you are considering getting dentures,

 contact our clinic for further details


Replace your missing teeth with customized dentures.

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