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Athletic activities such as basketball, soccer, gymnastics, boxing, etc. run the risk of serious dental injuries. While the number of mouth injuries caused by contact sports is relatively low, the cost of treatment can be high. It is recommended to wear sports mouthguards that can help you protect against such injuries. Come to Kildonan Park Dental for custom-fitted sports mouthguards in Winnipeg. There are various types of sports mouthguards, and these can be customized to ensure a perfect fit.


Image by Diana Polekhina

How do mouthguards work?

Mouthguards are a cost-effective protection investment. It sits in front of your teeth and acts as a cushion to distribute the force. They provide a strong barrier between your teeth and the tissues in and around your mouth. Sports mouthguards are built to substantially withstand the impact of orofacial injuries and are recommended by dentists around the globe.


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Protect your teeth with customized mouthguards.

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