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The Team at Kildonan Park Dental

Our team of dental hygienists and our reception team have been working industriously to provide every patient with the best care available. Some of our team has been with us for a long time, and we are proud to call them members of our dental family.


Dental hygienists, dental assistants and reception personnel work closely with the dentists at Kildonan Park Dental, going above and beyond to provide our patients with needed oral health services and smiles they are proud to display. Call Kildonan Park Dental today to set up an appointment to receive any of our specialty services, to schedule a checkup or to resolve urgent dental issues.

Meet The Team


Dental Hygienists

Our qualified hygienists include:


  • Carissa joined in 2018

  • Nicole joined in 2008

  • Maria joined in 1999

  • Jamie joined in 2012

  • Debby joined in 2018 

  • Gizelle joined in 2011


Dental Assistants

Our team of dental assistants include:


  • Allison joined in 2020

  • Nina joined in 2011 

  • Jenn joined in 2003 

  • Belinda joined in 2002 

  • Patricia joined in 2021


Receptionist Team

Our reception team plays a key role in maintaining a stress-free environment for our patients. Team members handle direct billing, pre-authorization services, and other tasks to avoid surprises and ensure treatments are covered by your insurance provider.


  • Maria C., receptionist joined in 2023

  • Dianne, office manager joined in 2001

  • Brittany, receptionist joined in 2009

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