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Partial dentures help in treating missing teeth. As opposed to a complete set of dentures, these are held with a plastic base and have the same colour as your gums. In order to secure the base and prevent it from falling out, either it may have a metal framework or have connectors that look more natural. In some cases, partial dentures are also attached to your natural teeth with precision attachments. Consult Kildonan Park Dental for partial dentures in Winnipeg.

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Caring for Your Dentures

It is important that you regularly clean your dentures as you clean your teeth. You can either use a denture cleaner recommended by a dentist or use hand soap. Regular cleaning can help in removing food deposits and plaque. While cleaning, avoid using brushes with hard bristles as they can damage your dentures. Always rinse the denture thoroughly before placing it in your mouth.


Over time some dentures might require adjustments. Get in touch with us to fix a poorly fitting denture.


Restore the form and function of your jaw with natural-looking partial dentures

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